About Me...

Hi Everyone! I'm Karen, welcome to my website!

This is slowly being developed to highlight some of the main things I get up to. I hope you find the links, content, photos and information useful, and I look forward to meeting you on a live stream or in person!

I still sing and love music, but also fashion, beauty therapy and other pursuits take up my spare time too! 
Oh and I also live stream on Twitch twice a week or more, and create content for YouTube! I'm a busy girl! 

My main aim for this website is to showcase all the different aspects and services of what I do.
From modelling clothes for local boutique stores in our area, singing 1940's wartime shows, live streaming over on Twitch, creating content for my YouTube channel, to arts, crafts, vlogging and more. 
I hope you can follow me on my journey!
Lots of Love, Karen x