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I started live streaming over on Twitch in Feb 16th 2021 and have done over 200 shows on the platform.  I love every minute of it!
I have a solid community that loves to come and watch me singing at least twice a week on the platform.

Check out my live streaming schedule over on Twitch: 

Stream Schedule: Thur 6pm | Fri 7.30pm | Sun 4pm
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Themed Shows | Events

I like to theme my shows by era's and seasons. This includes 40s, 60s, 70s, Halloween and Christmas themed streams so far.

Jan 2024 saw the launch of my Disco Fever 1970's show!  
I hope you can join me on my live streams over on Twitch!

So far since live streaming,I've got around five mainthemeed shows:
1940's show, "We'll Meet Again" (2022)
1960's show, "Step Back to the Sixties" (2023)
1970's show, "Disco Fever" (New for 2024!)
Halloween Spooktacular (October Halloween Season)
A Magical Christmas (December Christmas Season)

1940's Wartime Show, "We'll Meet Again"

1960's Show, "Step Back To The 60s"

My 1970's, "Disco Fever" Show

Halloween Spooktacular Show

A Magical Christmas Show


YouTube Content | Twitch VODs 

YouTube is the main hub of all my content creation including Vlogs, Restaurant reviews, local events, and the source for my Twitch VODs too. 
I create most of my content on YouTube, so be sure to hit that subscribe button. Thank You!

Check out more of my videos on YouTube:

View my Twtich VODs HERE: