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I started live streaming over on Twitch in Feb 16th 2021 and have done over 200 shows on the platform.  I love every minute of it!
I have a solid community that loves to come and watch me singing at least twice a week on the platform. 

Check out my live streaming schedule over on Twitch: 


Themed Shows | Events

I do two themed shows, a 1940's show called, "We'll Meet Again" and for 2023 a 1960's tribute show called "Step Back To The Sixties".

Looking ahead, I'm also planning on adding a show called "Decades" which will include all eras from the 40s to present day and include show tunes and musicals.
I hope you can join me on my live streams over on Twitch!

My 1940's Themed Show, "We'll Meet Again"

My 1960's Themed Show, "Step Back To The 60s"


YouTube Content | Twitch VODs 

YouTube is the main hub of all my content creation including Vlogs, Restaurant reviews, local events, and the source for my Twitch VODs too. 
I create most of my content on YouTube, so be sure to hit that subscribe button. Thank You!

Check out more of my videos on YouTube:
View my Twtich VODs HERE: